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Building Energy and Environment

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Bristol’s Art Gallery is housed in a fine old Victorian building. Regulating the temperature and humidity for the new Temporary Exhibition Gallery was always going to be a challenge.

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

The Scope of the Project

In common with most prestigious art galleries, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery wanted to be able to host artworks from across the world. This required developing an exhibition space that was carefully regulated in terms of temperature and humidity. The museum and art gallery are housed in a beautiful Victorian building, but this was far from ideal in terms of regulating the heating, humidity and ventilation.

The Solution

The ageing Satchwell Sigma BMS was swapped out for a Tridium JACE using the Satrofit retrofit cards, in a process that only took a day. A far more effective control strategy was written and a considerable amount of additional monitoring was added. Also, for the first time, the staff had a PC based view of the system on site.

The Benefits

The Temporary Exhibition Gallery is now fully functional. The gallery can host works from across the world and the lending institutions can have confidence that the temperature and humidity in the gallery will remain within the defined specifications. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery can enjoy the prestige that this affords. All the various stakeholders - the Council, the Staff, the lending institutions and the public will benefit from this secure solution. Importantly, the efficiencies will reap a financial dividend for both the Council and the Council Tax payers.

The Future

Bristol City Council now have a future-proof solution for the TEG. This will enable the gallery to host important works of art for the foreseeable future, with all the benefits that this brings to an important provincial art gallery.