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Building Energy and Environment

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Bristol’s fine old industrial museum presented a multitude of challenges in terms of environmental control and energy efficiency.

M-Shed, Bristol

The Scope of the Project

M-Shed presented a range of problems that had to be overcome. The building had complex air conditioning systems for the galleries and function suites, combined with a complicated controls architecture. German manufactured plant combined with poor documentation and a single source for parts and maintenance had made the costs of operating the system very high. Doubts often existed over the ability of the plant to correctly control the humidity conditions in the summer.  

The Solution

Hurtwood have systematically worked through the building, its services and controls and rectified a whole host of issues. For example, there was no effective summer ventilation of the function suite, so the existing windows were replaced by opening windows, rectifying a flaw that went back to the original architectural design.  

The controls have been steadily optimised and some of the proprietary packaged controls removed to allow the delivery of far more efficient and effective control strategies and whereas in the past, particularly humidity control was poor, it is now working far more effectively and at a lower energy use.

The Benefits

The building now enjoys a fully monitored and controllable environment. As well as solving the issues for the galleries, the cost savings have been considerable. In the last 12 months, the operators report savings on gas and electricity of £27k.

The Future

Bristol City Council are obviously delighted with the savings they have achieved. The building is now a comfortable environment for the gallery visitors and the staff who work there. The cost savings, and the energy efficiencies realised, will ensure the future of the building for many years to come.