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Strategic Consultancy

Hurtwood can provide the end user with an equipment strategy that ensures that they have a cost-effective and powerful BMS for the next 15-20 years. This can potentially save the organisation hundreds of thousands of pounds over the life cycle of their BMS.


Our work covers all sectors, with some areas of deeper specialisation - for example, the health sector, where we have achieved considerable savings on surgical ventilation plant including complete theatre ventilation plant shutdown out of operating hours.


Hurtwood has a wealth of experience of the BMS industry and can analyse most systems to understand how they can be optimised.  

We can assess for a customer how they can make the best use their system to not only control their building services effectively and efficiently, but also to monitor statutory & health and safety requirements such as emergency lighting and domestic hot water and life safety systems such as fire dampers.

Control Solutions

At Hurtwood, we can offer complete new controls solutions utilising the Tridium platform and Niagara framework, and our own input and output equipment. We also offer a panel design service and can supply panels through our sub contract panel workshop.

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