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Hurtwood manufacture a range of retrofit controls products for older and obsolete BMS’s. We have developed our flagship Satrofit IO product to provide an easy and low cost swap-out route for Satchwell BAS and Sigma systems.

A flexible and easy to service and commission system.

Aside from the retrofit applications, our IO is also a very powerful and compact product suitable for new BMS installations. Our PC-based Satrofit commissioning tool is also available that uses a direct connection via a local port on the card.  This allows the IO cards and the field sensors and outputs such as actuators and variable speed drives to be commissioned by a non BMS engineer before integration into the master BMS controller, reducing installation costs and time.

Satchwell BAS 2800 & Sigma Systems

Satrofit I/O Cards

CUH Plant Room Installation

Our Satrofit product is retailed directly through Hurtwood or from a series of distributors.  For details, contact us or see the website.


Satrofit Terminal Controller

Satrofit AUNC 16UI & 16UO IO cards plug directly into the BAS and Sigma UNC 696 or 796 racks and read all the pre-existing Satchwell sensors.  The output cards can drive the Satchwell 8 latching relay cards.

Take a look at our video (click on YouTube logo) to see how easy it is to update your old system with the new Satrofit cards.

Hurtwood Universal Output Card Hurtwood Universal Input Card

The Satrofit SRC-AUNC-6-6-3 controller is a direct physical replacement for the popular Satchwell IAC 420 controller.  The controller has a number of pre-set control strategies for building services such as small boiler houses and fan-coil units.  The selection of and set-up of these programs can be carried out through the Satrofit tool.  Additional control programs for bespoke applications can be provided on request by Hurtwood.