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Hurtwood manufacture an innovative range of retrofit controls products that allow users to upgrade older BMS and process control systems to the modern equivalents.

Our flagship product is the Satrofit range of input and output cards and terminal unit controllers that provide an easy upgrade route for older Satchwell, Staefa and Sauter BMS equipment to a system of your choice.  

Satrofit is also a powerful IO system that allows a non BMS trained engineer to fully commission the field sensors and outputs prior to integration into a larger BMS.  

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Hurtwood offers BMS and plant consultancy & engineering services that can deliver energy savings, improved control and low cost supplies of heat for industrial processes, commercial, and public sector energy users.

Our flagship consultancy service entails the review and re-engineering of a wide variety of building controls and Building Management Systems (BMS).

Hurtwood has a wealth of experience on industrial heat supply systems including steam and high temperature hot water, steam boiler plant and the industrial combustion of coal and wood.

Hurtwood also has a patented solar hot water heating system that is 3 times as effective as equivalent systems as well as being simpler to install which is available nationwide.

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